Cinco De Mayo Classic (3-4th)

May 3-4: Cinco de Mayo Rainbow and Mistlin

No  sunflower seeds or shells allowed -Stirctly Enforced @ Mistlin Fields.  Violators will be ejected from the park.  Please make sure your players and parents are made aware of this.  Dugouts and stands are checked after every game.
Turlock Knights
Reno Mustangs
Bay Area United- 9U
925 Baseball Maniacs
DeMartini's NC Quakes
Outlaws 9u
Stanislaus Sting
Cali Roosters Gold
Cali Roosters 8u
Salinas Valley Cubs
Perks Sports Titans Blue
BV Mavericks
8U CS White
All Sports Outlaws
Central San Joaquin Baseball
Reno Mustangs
NorCal Baseball
Bay Area United 10U

Fighting Ducks
Oakdale Colts
Bay Area United - Black
Reno Mustangs
Stanislaus Sting
NorCal Baseball
14u Mistlin
Lodi Reds
Stanislaus Sting
Tracy Senators
Elite 12u
Tri City Giants
HF Gamers White
HF Gamers Card
East Bay Gamers
Clovis Outlaws
Easton Admirals
Manteca Baseball Club
Jr. MOB 12u
HF Gamers Nationals
Orinda Kodiaks
Reno Mustangs
Los Banos Challengers
925 Baseball Hitmen
Atwater Elite
Turlock Bandits
Mother Lode Maniacs
Molina Marauders
Sacramento Smash
Bay Valley Bombers
Club All Star Gold
West Coast Federals
HF Gamers Card.
Orinda Bandits
Reno Mustangs
Valley Devils 13s
DP Bombers
Small City Spartans
Yosemite Colts
Tracy Thunder
NC Valley
Perks Blue 14u
HF Bercovich 13u

Mistlin Park Rules
1.       No outside food or drink allowed. 
2.       No pets allowed
3.       No seeds or shells allowed -Stirctly Enforced. 
4.       No bikes, skateboards, or anything like it allowed
5.       No coolers or ice chests
6.       No smoking
7.       No vandalizing the facilities or plants and trees
8.       No access to the second or third decks of the tower.
9.       No overnight RVs. 
10.   Violators will be ejected from the park without a refund
Mistlin Rules for on the Field and in the Dugouts
1.       No swinging bats in dugouts
2.       No digging holes in outfield grass
3.       No digging holes in batters box, around pitching mound, or bases
4.       No seeds or shells allowed in the complex
5.       No hitting against fences or nets
6.       No Metal cleats on portable mounds
7.       No sitting on top of dugouts
8.       Please clean dugout after your game
Gate Fees Apply
Adults 13-64 years old  $5
Youth 6 to 12 years old  $3
Seniors over 65    $3
Coaches   $3   (only three coaches per team)
Children  5 and under are free.  All Players in uniform are free. 
The Brand New Mistlin Fields are ready to be played on.  However, the complex itself is not completed.  Everyone needs to stay off of the stairs and tower decks.  No access is allowed.  Portable restroom facilities will be located within the New Mistlin Fields.  For more permanent structures please use the bathrooms near the Big Fields or up by the playground.  FULL Service Snack Bar with a great selection is available.    The batting cages will be closed due to construction being completed around them.  The entire completion of the complex is slated for July 1.    We are glad to be able to open the facilities even if we are limited in the use of the complex and know we will have a great event.  Thank you for participating.