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Payment due to guarantee your spot if not sold out:  Friday, October 26
Final Deadline to enter if not sold out: 12pm Monday, October 29
Schedule posted by:   Tuesday @ 5pm

Central Valley: Manteca BLD and Mistlin Fields Ripon and Turlock Pedretti & Tracy Sports Complex, Tracy
Manteca BLD, Mistlin Fields and Pedretti Turlock
Cypress Gators 9u
Bombers Baseball 9u
Prodigy Baseball 9u
Oakland RBI 
Reno Mustangs
MidCal Cubs 9u
Muckdogs 9u
CenCal Savages
Best Speed Gold 
Full 9 Teams. 

Cypress Gators 10u
Central Coast Bombers 10u
Gold Sox 10u  
Cities United 10u
Rincon Vipers 10u
Bombers Baseball Club
EGBA 10u
Solano Nationals
Blacksox Nation   
Scotts Valley Legends 10u
Reno Bombers 10u
Club All Star
Sirious Navy 10u
East Bay Bandits 
Lamorinda Titans   

Full 15 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 11u
Central Coast Bomers 11u
Team Judah Green 11u
Neptune Beach 11u   
Team Velocity 11u
Clutch Baseball
West Sacramento Aces
Arsenal Baseball 
East Bay Eagles 
Scotts Valley Legends 11u 
Bulldog Baseball Club 11u
Hard 90 Stix 11u
HF Blackhawks AA 11u. 
Full 13 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 12u
Central Coast Bombers 12u
Delta Islanders 12u
Pirates Elite 12u
Patriot Empire 12u
Danville Aces 12u
Woodcreek Lobos (Jacobo)  
Sacrameto Capitols
SC Swat
CV Lightning
Pro Elite 12u 
Brentwood Blast Red
Bombers Baseball Club
Vipers Baseball
BBoyz 12u 
Modesto Hustle 12u 
Scotts Valley Legends 12u
Hard 90 Crush 12u 
HF Bercovich Maj.  
Full 19 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 13u
Brentwood Blast Red 13u
Mudville Bears 13u
Bulldog Baseball Club Black
Pacifica Cages- Pack 
Reno Bombers  
Neptune Beach 13u
Marin Baseball 
Marauders Brentwood
Woodland Patriots 13u
Bombers Baseball Club Blue
Bombers Baseball Club Silver
Alameda Rascals
The Yard
Concord Patriots
East Bay Bandits Red 
East Bay Legends 
Scotts Valley Legends 13u
Pro Elite 13u
916 Elite Honeybadgers.
Hard 90 Hustle 13u.
MVP Hustle NorCal 12u.    
HF Gamers AA 13u
HF Blackhawks AA 13u 
Full 24 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 14u
Central Coast Bombers 14u
Team Judah White 14u
Neptune Beach 14u
South County Colts 14u
Reno Mustangs 
MidCal Bears 14u
Hard 90 Power 14u 
Berocvich Black 14u.
Bercovich Cardinal 14u. 
Modesto Stars  
Full 11 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 16u
Nor Cal Phantoms 16u 
BYA 16u  
Hitman Baseball 16u
Central Valley Aces 15u
HBA Indians
CRG 15u 
Elk Grove Cardinals.   
Bercovich Maj 16u.
Bercovich Bungarz 15u.
HF Honors 16u.   

Full 11 Teams. 


Cypress Gators 18u
Sirious White 18u

San Ramon Show 18u.
CenCal Hustle 

Room for 5 Teams.
Payment Due 

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