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Spring League Latest Updates:     Sign Ups are underway... 

The Best T Ball (Co-Ed), Coach Pitch (Co-Ed Baseball) and Rookies (9u and younger) Leagues Around!   

Clinics and Skills Practices to begin the Season.  Games on Real Fields.  Expreienced Coaches.  No Fundraising or volunteer time from parents.  Uniform included.  Indoor Clubhouse at Rainbow.  Whether your child is a beginner or highly skilled, our league will advance them to the next level and provide a fun time enjoying and learning the game the right way! 

Spring League at Rainbow Fields/Mistlin Fields: Games on Monday nights (and possibly a few Tuesdays if needed).   5:30-7:30pm game start times.  12 week season.  
Deadline to enter: Feb. 20.

Players Age is based on how old they will be on April 30, 2019.

T-Ball   4-5 year olds.   Room for 6 Teams.  72 Players
Coach Pitch 5-7 year olds.   Room for 6 Teams.  72 Players
Rookies 7 to 9 year olds.    Room for 8 Teams.  96 Players

Experienced players can always play up one division.  If your team is 9u you may choose to play in the 9u Lead Off Division, info listed on the other league page. Rookies division is player pitch, but is intended for 7-8 year olds and lesser experienced 9 yr olds. 

$155 for all individual sign up players.  Hat and shirt included. 

$1300 for Full Team sign up (team provides own uniform/hats), $300 Deposit is due by Feb. 20 and remaining $1,000 balance due before first game.  You also would need to register your team with USSSA for $55 once per year.   

Time Line of Events

Oct. 1:   Sign ups are underway online. Sign up and make payment on this page.

January 19 Saturday:  "Player Try Out Day" and "League In Person Sign Up"
All Ages TBall to 15u.  Mistlin Fields, Ripon beginning at 9am.
All players who do not want to sign up online, but in person, may show up this day.
Times:  9AM  Tball.  10AM Coach Pitch.   11AM Rookies.   12pm 9u and 10u.
1pm 11u and 12u.  2pm 13u to 15u.

Sign Up Forms will be available on site.  Bring payment check or cash.
Players who already signed up online, do not need to sign up again but can attend the Try Out.   
We will work players out, evaluate them, and get them assigned to a team if space permits.

February 20:  Last day to sign up, payment is due. Team Desposits are due. DO NOT WAIT til the last minute if you want to guarantee your spot, we may sell out early for some ages.

February 24:  Coach's Meeting at Mistlin Tower, Ripon, 6pm Tball. 6:20 CP, 6:40 Rookies.

March 1:   All Players will be contacted by there coach by this date. 

March 4:  Clinic/Practice for all signed up players.   5pm Tball Rainbow Field 1.
                  6pm Coach Pitch Rainbow Field 1.     5pm -7pm  Rookies Rainbow Field 2.
                  Come ready to practice.  

March 8:   Games Times will be posted online (games start March 18)

March 11:  Second Clinic/Practice for all signed up players.   5pm Tball Rainbow Field 1.
                  6pm Coach Pitch Rainbow Field 1.     5pm -7pm  Rookies Rainbow Field 2.
                  Come ready to practice.

March:   18:  Season Begins with Games on Monday Nights, and  occasionallyTuesday if needed.

May 20-21:  Last Day for games.  Awards, Championships.   

Summer League:
June 1:  Deadline to enter for Summer Season.  
June 17:  Summer Season Begins.  

If you are a coach wanting to form a team for Spring League and are short players, email us:  

Full Teams Spring League:
Teams must be registered with USSSA with their roster online by Feb. 20.  
Deposit of $300 due by Feb. 20

T Ball 4-5 yr olds

Coach Pitch 5-7 yr olds

Rookies 7-9 yr olds

Limited to 72 players.
(6 Total Teams)

Limited to 72 players.
(6 Total Teams)

Limited to 72 players.
(6 Total Teams)



T-Ball Division

Field: Bases 50 ft. Double base at first.   Pitcher will take position at the pitcher’s mound (45’ from home plate)  Ball must travel 15 feet to be fair (a chalk line from foul line to foul line will mark the 15’ area)

Equipment: T-Adjustable. Batting helmets: Provided by players at parents discretion.

Ball: Incrediball type soft baseball

  1. Game will be 4 innings or 60 minutes, no new inning after 55 minutes.
  2. Every player hits off of the batting tee, there will be no pitching (a player will remain at bat until they hit the ball and put it in play).
  3. No walks or strikeouts
  4. All players play on defense, 5 players for the infield, extra players can be placed in the outfield
  5. All players will bat on offense and the inning will conclude when the last batter has batted
  6. Rotate batting order so a different player is the last batter each inning
  7. When on Defense 2 coaches may be on the field
  8. When on Offense a coach will be allowed at every base and at home plate with the batter.
  9. Ball must travel 15 feet when hit to be fair
  10. No extra base hits, players may advance 1 base when the ball is put in play.
  11. No stealing, players stay on base until ball is batted
  12. All outs will be force outs, if an out is made, that player will leave the field.
  13. The pitcher will start on the pitching rubber.
  14. No sandals will be permitted. All Defensive players need to have a glove/mitt.

Coach Pitch Division

1. 60 foot bases. 

2. Pitcher will take position at the pitcher’s mound (45’ from home plate)  Ball must travel 15 feet to be fair (a chalk line from foul line to foul line will mark the 15’ area) 

3. Coach will pitch from within the circle drawn around the 45’ ft mound.  

4. Everyone will bat in a continuous order. Ten players play on the Field.

5. When the pitcher is in control of the ball with both feet inside the circle, the play is dead. At that time all base runners must return to the last base touched. If two runners are between the same bases, the front runner is awarded the next base.

6. The batter and all base runners must wear helmets.   

7. No new inning will begin after 55 minutes or  6 innings.   Games can end in a tie.

8. A batter will receive 5 pitches or 3 strikes. Fifth pitch can be fouled until the ball is hit fair or the batter strikes out.  No Walks.                                            

 9. Teams can choose to have a catcher behind the plate or not.  Catchers must be in full gear if used.  A regular glove may be used in place of a mitt.  The inning can begin without a catcher to speed the game up.

10. The child playing in the pitcher position must have one foot on the rubber, and stay behind the pitching coach until the ball is released.

12. Pitching coach will throw to his/her own batters.                                                          

After the pitching coach has released the ball and the batter has hit the ball,

A.       Pitching coach must exit the playing area immediately in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the play.

B.       Pitching coach must attempt to avoid contact with the ball.

C.       If a ball hits the pitching coach and the judgment of the umpire is the pitcher did not intentionally interfere with the ball, the ball is dead and the batter is awarded first base and base runners will advance one base if pushed.

D.       If ruled intentionally the ball is dead and the batter is out. 

13. Infield fly rule will not be in effect. 

14. One offensive and defensive time out per inning: this does not include umpires time outs.

Rookies Division  

1.  Pitching Distance is 40 feet.  60 foot bases. 

2.  Continuous Batting order, all players bat.  Teams can play with 8 players, but the 9th spot is an out unless walked or hit batter before the empty spot, then it would be skipped.

3. Rookies can play with 10 in the outfield, must be 4 outfielders on the grass.  

4.  Players can only sit out two innings in a row.  Then they must play for at least one full inning in the field. 

5.  No stealing bases. 

6. Game time is no new inning after 1 hour 30 min or 6 innings.  Games can end in a tie.  5 runs max. per inning.  When there is less that 20 minutes in the game at the start of a new inning, umpires will declare an open inning or the last inning will be an open inning.  There could be more than one open inning.

7. No metal spikes.  Approved USSSA bats allowed.

8.  Pitchers can pitch 3 innings per game max.  Once a pitcher is removed, he can’t pitch again in the same game. 

9.  Courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher anytime, must be last batted out. 

10.  There is no run rule for this age.    

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