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CA State Championship / Memorial Wknd (May 25-27, 2024) Three Day Weekend

Big League Dreams & Mistlin Fields, Ripon


  • Age Bracket/Games/Price:
    • Central Valley (3-Day): $1025
    • Walnut Creek Heather Farm Fields (3-Day): $1025

  • Game Date(s): 05/25/2024 - 05/27/2024

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Payment due to guarantee your spot:   8pm Friday, May 17
Final Deadline to enter if not sold out: 11am Monday, May 20
Schedule posted by:   Tuesday @ Noon

 3-Day Event.  Memorial Weekend, Saturday to Monday
Location: BLD Manteca and Mistlin Fields Ripon

State Championship Weekend:  Note that if divisions are split AA and OPEN, teams in their first USSSA tournament must play OPEN.   New teams are not allowed to play AA for their first event for STATE tournaments. 

53 Teams/Paid and Room for 82. Updated: 4/15
Moraga Mavericks 8u 

Room for 4 Teams. 

Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 9u 
Royals 9u 
Bombers Baseball Academy 9u 
East Bay Legends 9u    $200 due
Morega Mavericks 9u (or Walnut Creek)

5 Teams Paid
Payment Due Now
NorCal Titans 9u
Fallon Hornets 9u


Royals 10u 
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 10u 
Fowler Crew 10u 
Tracy Heat 10u
Bombers Baseball Academy 10u 
Moraga Mavericks 10u   (or Walnut Creek)

6 Teams Paid
Payment Due Now
Tri-County Tritons 10u
Stack 10u

 11u   OPEN and AA
NorCal Rage 11u
Modesto Mayhem 11u
Royals 11u 
Team Judah 11u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 11u
California Athletic League 11u
NC Valley Gold 11u 
H4S Future Stars 11u
Tracy Heat 11u 
Bombers Baseball Academy 11u 
Backyard (C Boone) 11u   $200 due
Sacramento Senators 11u   $200 due
FSB AA 11u   $200 due
BPA Black 11u Majors

14 Teams Paid

Payment Due to be added
NC Valley Black 11u
 12u   OPEN and AA
DreamTeam 12u
MVP Hustle NorCal 12u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs Blue12u 
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs Silver 12u
Titans Baseball 12u
Peninsula Rays Red 12u 
Aces Baseball Club 12u  
NorCal Nationals 12u 
SLO Rangers 12u
Bombers Baseball Academy 12u
Club All Star White 12uAA
Club All Star Blue 12u OPEN
Project Mill PONO 12u   $200 due

13 Teams Paid
Payment Due Now
NorCal Hit Squad Elite 12u
San Luis Obispo Rangers 12u
Sierra NV Wolves Purple 12u
Tri Valley Tigers Black 12u
Tri-County Tritons 12u
NorCal Hit Squad 12u

DIB Gorillas 12u
River Park All Stars 12u 
Nines 12u
 13u OPEN and AA
Orinda Bandits 13u
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 13u
California Athletic League 13u 

T & J Aces Baseball 13u 
NorCal Scrapper 13u
FSB Black Majors 13u   $200 due
Backyard 13u   $200 due
Club All Star White 13u 

8 Teams Paid

Payment Due Now
Nor Cal Rapids 13u
Sierra NV Wolves Purple 13u
NC Valley Gold 13u
East Bay Legends 13u
 14u   OPEN and AA
Walnut Creek Bulldawgs 14u
Watsonville Aggies 14u  
Delta Breeze 14u 
T & J Aces Baseball 14u 
Project Mill PONO 14u
Elk Grove Lab Rats Hernandez 14u 

6 Teams Paid
Payment Due Now
NC Valley Gold 14u
Tri Valley Tigers Black 14u
Top Tier Dudes 14u
Showtime 14u 

 15/16u Room for 6 Teams
CenCal Athletics 16u 
Golden Spikes 26-27 16u 
Nines 15u..

4 Teams Paid
Payment Due Now
 18u Room for 6 Teams

Hardball North
Walnut Creek

 9u Room for 6 Teams
 Moraga Mavericks 9u (BLD 2nd) 
Nines Baseball 9u 

 10u Room for 6 Teams
Moraga Mavericks 10u (BLD 2nd)
Foster City 10u (HBN) 
Concord Cubs 10u (HBN)

 11u Room for 6 Teams
Nines Baseball 11u 

 12u Room for 6 Teams
Nines Baseball 12u 

 13u Room for 6 Teams
Lafayette Oaks 13u
Nines Baseball 13u 

 14u Room for 6 Teams
Nines Baseball 14u 
Napa River Dogs 14u (HBN)

 16u Room for 6 Teams
 18u Room for 6 Teams


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