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Veteran's Weekend (November 6-7, 2021)

Mistlin Fields / Manteca BLD OR Martinez


  • Age Bracket/Games/Price:
    • Central Valley: $735
    • Martinez $735

  • Game Date(s): 11/06/2021 - 11/07/2021

Payment due to guarantee your spot if not sold out:   Friday, October 29th.
Final Deadline to enter if not sold out:  12pm  Monday, Nov. 1st.
Schedule posted by:
   Tuesday @ 5pm

CENTRAL VALLEY:  Mistlin Fields Ripon Both Days,
and BLD Manteca Sunday. 

Muckdogs 9u
East Bay Legends 9u
Bombers Baseball Marin 9u 

Room for 6

Muckdogs 10u
Extreme Whatley 10uAA
(Brentwood Blast Cornell 10u) *Pref Martinez*
Payment required to be added
Room for 6


Muckdogs 11u
Red Shield Reds 11u
Blaze Baseball 11u
Blacksox 11u
Payment Required to Be Added
Room for 6


Muckdogs 12u AA
Tri Valley Tigers 12u AA
CenCal Athletics 12u
H4S Future Stars 12u 
Vandals 12u AA
Valley Prospects 12u AA
Velocity 12u AAA
Nines Baseball  12u AA
Citi Pirates 11u  playing up.

Payment required to be Added
Room for 10


Muckdogs 13u
Lamorinda Titans 13u AAA
Pro Elite 13u AAA
RBI Baseball 13u AA
United Baseball 13uAA
H4S 13u AA
Team Judah 13u AA
Hype 12uAAA playing in 13uOpen
Bulldog Baseball Club 13u AA
High Five Heat Blue 13uAAA
Benicia Wolfpack JF 13uAAA
North Valley Baseball Gold 13u AA..

Payment required to be added


Muckdogs 14u
Tri Valley Tigers 14u Maj
RBI Baseball 14u AA
North Valley Baseball 14u Maj
Oakland Bulldogs 14uAA
Jr. Pirates Elite 14u 
Modesto Stars 14uAA
OBF 14u

Payment required to be added
Room for 8

Muckdogs 15u
Headfirst 15u
SBA Prospects 15u 
Pro Elite Baseball Club 15u
Modesto Hustle 15u 
OBF 15u
Outlaws Baseball 15u 

Payment Required to be added
Room for 8
Muckdogs 16u
Diehards 16u 
Seals Baseball 16u
OBF 16u
Senators 16u (Martinez)

Payment Required to Be added
Room for 6

Muckdogs 18u
Muckdogs 17u
CBA Stockton 17u
RBI Baseball HS 18u 
Benicia Wolfpack Chaney 18u
Central Valley Trash Pandas 18u
EG Cardinals 18u..
Bay Valley Trojans 18u
Headfirst 17u

Payment required to be added
Room for 9



Hotel Info:  Walnut Creek Residence Inn:
$169 Special Tournament Price.  Contact: 
Phone: 804-503-2000
9u - Martinez/Walnut Creek
Marin Baseball 9u
Rincon Vipers 9u
Windsor Baseball 9u
Millbrae Maddogs 9u 
Hype 9u AAA

Room for 6 Teams.
Payment due to be added.
 10u - Martinez/Walnut Creek

Marin Baseball 10u
Rincon Vipers 10u 
Brentwood Blast Cornell 10u *CV 2ndChoice*
Top Speed Red 10u 
Diehards 10uAA

Room for 5
Payment due to be added.

11u - Martinez/Walnut Creek
Alameda Rascals #2  11u AA
FSB Black 11u AAA
Marin Baseball 11u
Rincon Vipers 11u
BSA Titans 11u 
Bulldog Baseball Orange 11u
Cages Bullyz 11u AA
Headfirst 11u 

Payment required to be added
Room for 8
12u - Martinez/Walnut Creek

Athletic Edge Outlaws 12u 
FSB 12u AA
Marin Baseball 12u
Rincon Vipers 12u
Bulldog Baseball Club 12u
Headfirst 12u
Bulldogs 12u (Perdue)
Benicia Wolfpack Olech 12uAA 
Nines Baseball Academy 12u AA 
East Bay Pirates 12u AA  
Payment required to be added
Room for 10

13u - Martinez/Walnut Creek

Alameda Rascals 13u AA
Alameda Rascals 13u AAA
FSB Black 13u AAA
Marin Baseball Black 13u
Marin Baseball Red 13u
Rincon Vipers 13u 
Dublin Shamrocks 13u
Payment due for listed teams.

14u - Martinez/Walnut Creek

Marin Baseball 14u
Alameda Warriors 14u  
WestSide Warriors 14u AA
East Bay Cyclones 14u AA

Room for 6
Payment due to be added.

15u / 16u - Martinez/Walnut Creek
Senators 16u 

Room for 5
Payment due to be added.

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